Our physiotherapy team work with students who have profound and complex needs primarily within the Alma curriculum at Linwood Campus. Key staff working with the student will carry out their physiotherapy programme. Where possible, exercises are incorporated into daily routines and undertaken within class activities.

Each programme is tailored to maintain movement/function or develop a new movement/function. Physiotherapy helps students gain the highest level of independence, function and quality of life throughout the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is used to support students to have full access to their education and to assist in overcoming challenges that may prevent that from occurring.

They share the sensory processing challenges that many of our students have and advise on how we can best support them. They also advise on postural management, wheelchairs and physical aids for the classroom or bathroom.

School Nursing Team

The nursing role is to support the school to assess and manage students’ health needs within the school setting across all campuses. This includes training staff to meet specific health needs, providing advice, signposting to parents and liaising with other professionals.

The service does not provide routine or emergency 1:1 nursing care, but in some circumstances can carry out observations and specific clinical tasks.

Speech & Language Therapy (SALT)

Speech and Language Therapy is a consultancy service with particular emphasis on:

•  Assessment and Diagnosis
•  Advice
•  Training
•  Liaison
•  Providing reports

The SALT team aims to help all adults working with your child/young person to create a Total Communication Environment.

Animal and Nature Therapy

In June 2021, a school therapy dog called Sophie was introduced to Linwood Campus. Sophie is a Cavachon cross poodle and was born on 18th April 2021. Her breed was selected due to its low moulting and calm, loving disposition. Sophie was then chosen as an example of the breed who was calm and confident enough to work with children. Sophie had lots of early socialisation at the home of her breeder and has undergone additional training to ensure her suitability to work in a school. She has regular check-ups at the vet and has updated vaccinations, flea and worming treatment. The extended services team also has a trained therapy dog called Quinn.

Horticultural therapy is the use of gardening and horticulture to bring about benefits to the pupils we support. For example, from being outside in the fresh air to moving heavy bags of compost which allows excess energy to be released in a constructive manner. It can also be rewarding to watch the growing process from seed to plant/flower. Students are then encouraged to eat the fruits and vegetables that are grown.

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