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Summerwood Campus is in Charminster. It is an autism-specific environment designed to meet the needs of our autistic young people who are working at or close to age-related expectations. 

The setting and small class sizes enable the students to feel calmer and less anxious. Our focus at Summerwood is providing the right environment and support to enable students to achieve core academic qualifications.  

Academic Qualifications


Functional Skills qualifications provide reliable evidence of a learner’s achievements against demanding content that is relevant to the workplace. The qualifications assess learners’ underpinning subject knowledge and their ability to apply this knowledge to different contexts. They provide a foundation for progression to employment and further technical education, and they help learners to develop skills for everyday life.

Learners who achieve the Functional Skills Qualification in English at Level 1 can progress to a similar qualification at Level 2. Learners who achieve the Pearson in English at Level 2 can progress to a GCSE in English or similar qualifications. Both qualifications offer learners the opportunity to develop their English knowledge and skills in preparation for the next step in education, employment or training.


Functional Skills aim to equip students with the skills and confidence to combine and adapt their mathematical knowledge to new situations in their life and work. Students will develop their ability to transfer skills in ways that are appropriate to their situation. The assessments focus on functionality and the application of skills, and Level 1 and Level 2 are achieved through an externally marked test.

Depending on the level you achieve you can continue to study mathematics at a range of levels: Entry level 1, 2 and 3, Level 1 and 2 then progress onto GCSE. Students should see the functional skills pathway as stepping stones towards GCSE; as a way of developing the skills and more importantly the confidence to a more challenging GCSE course.


GCSE Combined Science-Synergy

Science impacts all of our lives; whether it’s deciding how best to look after our bodies, how to reduce our impact on our environment, or the type of car we will drive. The Combined Science: Synergy course provides the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions in an increasingly technological and complex age.

How is this course assessed?

This qualification is linear. Linear means that students will sit all their exams at the end of the course. There are four 1 hour 45 minute exams:

Paper 1: Life and Environmental Sciences
Paper 2: Life and Environmental Sciences
Paper 3: Physical Sciences
Paper 4: Physical Sciences

Each paper is worth 25% of the grade.


We offer ICT to all students at Summerwood Campus, ranging from Coding, 2D & 3D Design, Model Animation, Photography & Photoshop, and TLM Qualification.

Students who want to continue their ICT studies to a higher level can do so with our TA support at a local college / Sixth Form.

Social and Independence Skills

We also support students to learn key social and independence skills to support them as they move into adulthood.


Building on the strengths and interests highlighted in the personal/vocational plan
Independent advice and guidance on future pathways
CV Writing
Skills in applying for jobs
GCSE/NVQ and Vocational Qualifications
Work Experience starting
Encounters with Employers
Exploring Different Careers

Independent Living

Travel training
Making their own food
Making choices about what to spend money on
Socialising unsupervised
Managing bills (mobile phone)
Managing time
Understanding consent
Being safe in your home
Actively planning for future living arrangements
Residential and local learning options

Community Inclusion

Managing decisions about social media
Online gaming and staying safe online
Friendships and relationships
Being safe on the streets
Understanding drugs and alcohol
Knowing where to go for help
Understanding how to use emergency services


Managing more complex health needs
Understanding what the GP can help you with
Annual health check with the GP if registered with a learning disability
Mental Health and wellbeing
Getting a good night’s sleep
Staying physically active and healthy


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