Post 16 Campuses

Our Post 16 offer is for students aged 16-19 with an EHCP and access to specialist provision. We are currently split over three sites, with three distinct curriculum pathways. Each curriculum is designed to support the individual needs of each student within that provision. Students are actively involved in shaping their learning and setting targets for themselves to achieve. Future outcomes and Preparation for Adulthood are a key focus at Post 16. As well as the academic curriculum all students within post 16 will participate in a wellbeing programme. This covers health and wellbeing, British Values, e-safety and relationships and sex education.

Students within Post 16 are not required to wear school uniforms, however, students on work placements will need to follow the dress code of that placement. Students who are age 16+ and educated within our Springwood Campus or in our Alma classes at Linwood Campus continue to wear school uniforms for integration within their curriculum pathway community. 

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