On 18 May, we had the pleasure of hosting a LUSH experience day. This event was held for students on the senior phase of the Vita Curriculum across our campuses.

The students were welcomed to the visit with a hands-on experience of making their own bubble mixture. With the help of “rainbow playdough”, the students experimented and created their own unique bubbles. Everyone was filled with excitement as they watched the bubbles come to life.

The students’ enthusiasm continued as they moved on to making their own bath bombs. They began by mixing the ingredients together, adding different components and then putting the mixture into moulds.

The students were able to have a full sensory experience by touching and smelling the mixture. They described the bath bombs as feeling like sand and smelling like cucumbers, the sea and water. It was amazing to hear the students’ creative ideas and imagination come to life.

The LUSH visitor was fantastic, showcasing a range of products and keeping the students engaged with elements such as pouring the mixture from different heights and watching it flow in different colours. The students were delighted as they began to mix the ingredients together and mould them into their very own bath bomb.
The visit concluded with the students receiving a ‘Big Blue’ LUSH bath bomb that they created. This was a great way to finish off the visit. The students were really excited to take the bath bomb home and to watch it work its magic.

Overall, the educational visit from LUSH was a great success. The students were engaged and excited throughout the visit, and they had a wonderful time learning.

We would like to thank LUSH UK (Poole) for visiting Linwood School and giving our students this unique and valuable experience.