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Writing Wonder Wall

15 Jul 2022

Across Linwood, Springwood, Littlewood and Summerwood Campuses, we displayed some of the students’ best literacy work on Writing Wonder Walls. We were thrilled with the entries. The Wonder Walls really captured the creativity and engagement with writing, as well as showing the broad learning outcomes of our students. The writing ranged from colourful semantics and shape coding, to poetry and stories. It was very difficult to pick winners, as they were all brilliant. The winners of the top prizes, including £5 National Book Tokens were:

Kieran for emotive, independent writing (Springwood)
Dominic for presentation and use of punctuation (Springwood)
Dean for some good letter formation (Springwood)
Leo for letter formation and engagement (Springwood)
Rowan for using adjectives (Littlewood)
Jamie (Summerwood)
Doni for engagement in writing (Linwood)
Taiya for letter formation (Linwood)
Grace for engagement and encouraging others (Linwood)
Lewis for planning and ideas (Linwood)
Jessica for descriptive language (Linwood)

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