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At Summerwood, all students have a staff mentor.

The mentor is a chosen member of staff, who they feel comfortable with and feel is trustworthy. Every day students will touch base with their mentor on arrival.

This is an opportunity to prepare the student for their day, raise awareness of any changes and provide key information they may need. It is a two-way process which allows students to share any anxieties or questions they may have. Likewise at the end of each day, there is also an opportunity for a debrief so the student can gain positive feedback on their day, and be prepared for their next day at Summerwood.

Once every week, the student and their mentor will sit down for an informal discussion relating to their progress.

During the discussion, topics on academic progress, areas for additional support, work experience and careers advice are all raised so the student has an opportunity to reflect on their progress. Student are encouraged to discuss work placements and potential career options that they may / may not consider and through working with Adele and Ash, suitable placements are considered and set up.

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