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Linwood Outreach and Inclusion Service (LOIS)

What is LOIS ?

Linwood Outreach and Inclusion Service (LOIS) is a specialist support and consultancy service offered by Linwood School. It promotes and facilitates the inclusion of children and young people with a wide range of learning needs within their school setting.

We are committed to meeting the individual needs of children and young people, in a collaborative partnership with parents, other professionals, the schools and the children and young people themselves.

Our service is composed of a team of professionals including teachers and support staff who have specialist knowledge across a wide range of Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

What are the aims of LOIS?

  • To increase the capacity for schools to meet the needs of all their pupils with SEND.
  • To work in partnership with school staff, children, parents/carers and other outside agencies involved, ensuring a coordinated and collaborative approach.
  • To support children and young people in making progress and reaching their potential.
  • To develop staff knowledge and confidence to fulfil their responsibilities in meeting a wide range of needs.
  • To prepare children and young people for adulthood and lifelong learning.
  • To provide support and empowerment for children and young people and their families to access wider services and therapies.
  • To ensure vulnerable learners are effectively supported at all stages of transition.


For more information please read  LOIS Brochure

To download an Outreach Support application form, please click here  Outreach Support Request 

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