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Vocational Options

Our Vocational Options are initiated by students and their interests that they share with us.

We then work with our Independent Advice & Guidance Coordinator to look at local work experience opportunities that would be suitable for our students and look to set them up.

As and when students feel ready for this step, we set up local work placements, building good rapports with local businesses in our community.

Work Related Opportunities

Our students work towards a career of their choosing. To improve Curriculum Vitaes, they are offered various opportunities to gain vocational experience.

These are a few of the experiences our students have enjoyed gaining:

Animal Husbandry

Based at High Mead Farm – learning to care for a wide range of animals, ensuring their needs are met. Animals on the farm include: pigs, goats, peacocks, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, donkeys, horses and alpacas. Care involves cleaning out living environments, feeding and grooming.

Aviary Assistant

Based at Bournemouth Gardens – caring for the wild rescue birds such as peacocks, pheasants and parrots.
Work involves cleaning and maintaining the living environments, preparing feeds (cutting up fruit and vegetables), talking with the general public.

Carpentry Assistant

Based at Dorset Reclaim – learning woodwork skills to make rabbit hutches and garden furniture.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Based at St Andrew’s Church – the work involves general cleaning (polishing windows and furniture, hoovering, tidying), painting the gate and fences, and installing festive decorations. There is also an opportunity to talk to the Youth Club Leader.


Based at King’s Park Nursery –  learning an array of horticulture skills such as growing plants and vegetables, learning how to run a garden as a garden enterprise project.

Maths Teaching Assistant

Based at a local school – working with the teacher and teaching assistants to support pupils in a wide range of Maths activities. This can be 1:1 or in small groups.

PE Teaching Assistant

Based at a local school – supporting the PE teacher by setting up equipment and leading small groups of pupils in a range of sporting activities.

Supermarket Assistant

Based at Tesco Extra in Bournemouth – learning a wide range of skills required for working in a supermarket such as stacking shelves and working on the tills.

Visitor Shop Assistant

Based at Hengistbury Head – providing customer service on the shop floor and carrying out garden maintenance.

Aviary Assistant at Bournemouth Gardens
Cleaning at St Andrew's Church
Maths Teaching Assistant at Linwood School
Hengistbury Head Visitor Centre
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