Preparation for Adulthood

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Preparation for Adulthood

Travel Training

At Summerwood you will have the opportunity to develop your independent travel skills. Staff will support you to be able to travel safety in the local community by walking, using buses and using trains. Our travel training programme aims to give you the freedom and confidence to travel independently to and from Summerwood, as well as to work placements and on other educational trips.

Social Communication

The curriculum at Summerwood is designed to give you the opportunity to develop your social communication skill in a safe and supporting environment. Cross campus events will allow you to practice your skills with peers from other Linwood settings and develop a larger social circle and friendships. The skills learnt will give you the confidence to interact with others in school, in the community and in the workplace.

Home Management

During your time at Summerwood you will be taught key home management skills such as; cooking, ironing, cleaning, washing budgeting and more. These sessions are designed to support you as you progress into adulthood and enable you to have the skills to live independently in the future.

Work Experience

Work experience is a great opportunity to learn about a job or an area of work. You’ll use skills that you might not even know you have, and develop new skills that will help you work better with other people now and in the future. Our placement coordinators will support in finding an experience that meets your interests.

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