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Personalised Learning

We provide every student with a personalised learning programme of education, work experience, life skills and training in the wider community to develop the confidence and skills they need for the next stage of their lives.

Students can choose to pursue various pathways, with expert guidance from our Independent Advice and Guidance (IAG) team, so we can begin to put in place the stepping stones towards their chosen career paths. This may be academic studying, relevant vocational experience, volunteering to give something back to their local community or a combination of these.

For those who are unsure, we can explore their interests and different avenues to support them in making their own career decisions.

It really is their choice and it is our pleasure to help facilitate this and give them the skills they need to cope with life’s hurdles.

There is a focus on further developing social communication skills specific to students with Asperger’s Syndrome.

We aim to promote a wide range of success in academic, social and life skills to enable our students to move forward into adulthood:

  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with others in a range of situations
  • Acquire a range of practical and functional skills to support work, leisure and personal situations and relationships
  • Achieve self-respect and self-knowledge
  • Increase individual self-esteem
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