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Our Curriculum


  • To achieve their academic potential accessing appropriate academic qualifications including GCSE’s and Functional Skills
  • Develop their confidence through social interaction and experiences helping them access appropriate future pathway opportunities. Supporting students and encouraging greater independence in making informed choices
  • To develop social skills and build friendships with their peers
  • To develop employability skills through work experience and engagement with employers at other careers events
  • To develop independent living skills including personal care, physical and emotional wellbeing, ability to make leisure choices and self-occupy and skills to live happily in the community
  • To support students in taking responsibility for their own behaviour and in developing self-management
  • To develop Students understanding of Mental Wealth and reduce support students with reducing anxieties


  • Providing a small and safe environment
  • Providing a consistent and predictable environment
  • Seeking to understand each individual
  • Using a range of teaching and learning approaches to meet a variety of needs
  • Providing a structured, broad and balanced curriculum
  • Providing a calm, consistent and purposeful environment
  • Regularly accessing facilities within the local community
  • Ensuring staff receive regular training through Linwood School’s INSET programme and other external courses as well as through staff meetings


  • Individual Students achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • Students successfully transition to Post 19 setting for further education and training or into employment.
  • Students are readily prepared for the next stage of education, employment or training.
  • Students can effectively communicate their wants and needs for the future and are able to express the type of support they need.
  • Students use their knowledge and skills to take an active role in their communities, everyday life, educational setting and where appropriate the workplace.
  • Students use their knowledge and skills to operate confidently, effectively, and independently in life, in the classroom, community and where appropriate the workplace.
  • Students are motivated and engaged and display positive attitudes to their learning.
  • Students can form meaningful relationships and understand feelings through into adulthood.
  • Students develop a holistic understanding of everyday events, activities and experiences of everyday events, activities, and experiences.
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