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Learning for All

Although part of Linwood School, Summerwood Campus has its own identity, working ethos and dedicated team of staff. It is an autism specific environment designed to meet the needs of young people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Creating a specialist environment that supports young people in their learning by enabling them to feel calmer, less anxious and valued is crucial to them to fulfil their aspirations and develop meaningful independence.

Our capacity is 30 students, with approximately 10 students in each year group (12, 13, 14). Class sizes are determined by the amount of students wanting to choose a particular subject. The most in a class is 6 students, the majority of classes have 4-6 students.

Summerwood Campus has a variety of learning and social spaces including teaching spaces with modern IT workstations, safe spaces, a living skills environment, social room, sensory room, art room, kitchen and dining room.

Our aim is to prepare our students for adult life. We help them to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding in all aspects of the curriculum, including life skills, supporting them to form positive social and personal relationships.

Underpinning our approach is the goal to help them move towards maximum achievable independence. Outcomes relate to the individual’s interests, skills and achievements and are needs led. We build on their previous learning, positive experiences and skills to achieve a planned, realistic and effective transition to adulthood.

Placements can be from 1-3 years. At Summerwood Campus students are given opportunities to develop particular interests, skills and academic and vocational aspirations. This may steer them to access appropriate courses at other mainstream providers with our support. They will still receive aspects of their personalised programme at Summerwood Campus.

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