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Career Pathway

We appreciate that making career decisions for each of our students can be particularly challenging for them and their families. We know that many students have no clear idea what they would like to do with their lives and the options can seem daunting. We are not looking to set in stone any plans.

We recommend they choose to gain a wide range of educational and vocational experiences whilst with us to keep their future options open. We have a specialist Independent Advice & Guidance team trained to help manage expectations. The IAG team will guide each student to discuss their aspirations and give relevant advice so they can make informed decisions.

​We look at their current qualifications and academic levels and what qualifications they may yet need.

An example might be that they have a GCSE in English Language (A*-C / 9-4). To pursue qualifications at A-Level in English Language they may need a total of five GCSE’s (A*-C / 9-4). From this we can look at potential outcomes alongside each student and focus on the building blocks they will need to achieve this.​

We support students through difficult and challenging times including examinations and help with preparing for interviews, along with other experiences that may seem daunting as they progress along their individual journey.

​These are very much the first steps they will make on their unique journey and we look forward to working with them and their families to help each individual work progressively towards their goals.

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