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A Typical Day

Students will arrive at Summerwood Campus and enter through the Main Reception where they sign in and observe the information screen.

The students can have their own personal lockers (with parental permission) in which they can store their belongings. For those who demonstrate their maturity and trustworthiness, they can have their own ID pass which they can independently use to enter or exit the building (with parental permission).

At the start of the day they will meet with their student mentor and then go to their assigned tutor. They are given key information and an opportunity to get an overview of the day. This is also a time to discuss changes and discuss any concerns they may have.

Each student’s timetable will be completely unique according to the choices they have made (please see below our timetable structure, including timings of our day). We seek to respond purposefully to their needs and this may mean sourcing academic courses and supporting them in other Sixth Forms and / or Colleges, and setting up work experience in their chosen field. Attendance at other Sixth Forms and / or Colleges is not at the expense of meeting their needs as identified in their personalised learning programme, but is an integral part of it. Attendance at Summerwood Campus will always form some part of their week.

Summerwood Campus employs a resourceful approach ensuring each individual has the necessary support when accessing offsite facilities, courses and work experience.

The day starts at 8:30am and ends at 2:45pm.
There is a 40 minute lunch break.
There are 5 lessons throughout the day. Each lesson lasts for 50 minutes.
There are 3 breaks between lessons. Each break lasts for 10 minutes.

Due to the size of our car park, taxis are staggered.
Taxis arrive between 8:30-45am and 2:30-45pm.

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