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Our governors undertake observational monitoring visits to all of our campuses. Governors are linked to the curriculum pathways and visit the appropriate lead for each one. They look at the progress with the SDIP priorities and are shown some of the excellent learning taking place. Below is some feedback from these visits.

I visited some of the Lumos classes today as part of my link monitoring role. Some students were learning new technology skills in cooking and electronics and others were finding out about the Egyptians or enjoying art in different cultures. They were particularly impressed by the artistic skills of the Indian women who were making intricate patters outside their homes using just food items like flour.

Sonia Colton (LA Governor) 24/01/2024

I visited Summerwood Post 16 and was lucky enough to visit a class that were designing their own escape rooms. I was able to witness the Golden Threads within the teaching as the students were problem solving using chunking content, retrieval practice, concrete learning, overlearning, and modelling with effective questioning, total communication dialogue and reflection.

Lorna Booth (Parent Governor) 28/11/2023

I had a great visit to Woodford Campus today. It was a pleasure to see how well the children, who had started in September, had settled into their learning. One class were working on poppy sponge paintings and other art activities, following on from their learning the day before. It was good to see the developments within this campus, with the addition of a third class, a sensory room and increased outdoor space for the use of Woodford pupils. As I arrived a class were just setting off in the minibus for their swimming lessons.

Thank you Woodford for making me so welcome.

Chris Purdy (Vita Link Governor) 9/11/23

I was able to visit both Early Years classes at Linwood Campus – Caterpillars and Ladybirds.

Caterpillars pupils were engaged in a number of different learning opportunities within the classroom and outdoor area. Ladybirds pupils were having snack time within the classroom. It was great to see how the pupils have grown and developed during this academic year.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor) 15/06/23

Today I visited Seedlings class at Springwood Campus. It was lovely to see pupils engaged in sensory play linked to their topic and the book Oliver’s vegetables. They were melting blocks of ice to discover the vegetables which had been frozen inside. The pupils have adapted well to their new environment since leaving Littlewood Campus and were all very engaged in their learning.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor) 21/06/23

I visited Linwood in March 2023 to carry out my monitoring visit. I met some students who were working hard on their Maths and learned how some classes are using their business and enterprise skills to make their £50 grow.

I visited the Summerwood Campus in March 2023 as part of my link governor monitoring role. I saw plenty of evidence of the students making good progress with their learning. Some of the students have been taking part in interesting work experience placements locally.

Sonia Colton (LA Governor) 16/03/23

It was good to visit Littlewood Campus today for a Spring term Link governor visit. Some of Acorns pupils were taking part in a Maths activity, doing careful counting and comparing groups of objects, they were really engaged in their learning. Some of Seedlings class were completing jigsaw puzzles, before going out to play. As always it was good to see pupils using the sensory and soft play room.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor & Early Years Link Governor) 08/03/2023

Today I visited Flamingos class which follows the Nurture Curriculum and was really pleased to hear about the progress and development they have been making. One student had just come back from taking Sophie for a walk and is going to organise a class trip that Sophie will be able to go on. This was so nice to see students taking ownership of their learning. The students have been writing their own stories and this is going to be put together to make a book. I look forward to my next visit in the summer term.

Lorna Booth (Parent Governor & Nurture Link Governor) 06/03/2023

I had a lovely Spring term Link governor visit to Early Years, Linwood Campus today. I was able to visit both Caterpillars and Ladybirds classes. Caterpillars were in the Music Room having a lesson with Sam Mason. They were having a wonderful time exploring different musical instruments. Ladybirds were making the most of a lovely sunny day, and doing their learning outside in the playground.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor & Early Years Link Governor) 02/03/2023

We had an excellent Spring term Link governor visit to ‘The Link Post 16, Linwood Campus today. The students were in 3 groups. Group 1 were working on Personal Social Development and the subject being environmental interest, today they were off site in the community litter picking. Group 2 were working on the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme in the New Forest, learning outside skills.

We were lucky enough to visit group 3 and smell the lovely aroma from the cooking of their lunch, spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread, followed by banana muffins. It was a delight to watch them work independently on a task and then bring it together, working collaboratively for an end product, where they could socially come together and enjoy a meal. The students talked us through the skills they used in preparing the food, washing up and clearing away, naming the ingredients and equipment used. Some expressed an interest in cooking the meal at home. We could see the great support they gave each other, the trust and respect they had for each other and the inclusivity of everyone, the positive attitude they had creating this meal and the excellent life skills they were developing along the way, responsibility being carried out by every student.

Lorna Booth and Chris Purdy (Post 16 Link Governors) 22/02/2023

I carried out my termly Monitoring Visit to Summerwood Campus in December 2022 and was pleased to learn about the new curriculum offer introduced in the autumn term 2022. I learned that students were well engaged with the curriculum and this was demonstrated by improved attendance figures. Staff feel able to make best use of Evidence for Learning as they gather information about each student’s attainment and progress. I enjoyed observing the students interacting with each other during the practical Science lesson.

Sonia Colton (Local Authority Governor) 08/12/22

In December 2022 I had the opportunity to visit a number of Key Stage 3 and 4 classes following the Lumos curriculum. The Phase Leader had ensured that staff knew about the visit and I was made very welcome by the students. I was impressed by the wide range of lessons offered and by the enthusiasm of the students who wanted to explain what they were doing and to show me their work. One group of students were keen to show me the aprons they were making and to tell me how much they had achieved independently. One member of the group was fascinated with the inner workings of the sewing machine and could explain the threading to me. Towards the end of my visit I met a group of students learning about the French language and culture which they really seemed to be enjoying.

Sonia Colton (Local Authority Governor) 08/12/22

I was able to visit Littlewood Campus today to visit both Acorns and Seedlings classes and to speak with Lindsay Bowen (Littlewood Lead Professional). There was a lovely calm and purposeful atmosphere and it was great to see the pupils following their daily routines with confidence.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor and Early Years Link Governor) 07/12/22

Today I had an excellent Autumn term Link governors visit to Flamingos class Nurture Curriculum. I was able to see how the students were interacting with the staff and peers gaining valuable social and emotional skills. I could see how happy and regulated the young people were and engaged in making a Christmas village. I was able to listen to the positive conversations and how this was linking into the vision and values and echoing what the school moto stands for.

Lorna Booth (Parent Governor) 06/12/22

We had an excellent Autumn term Link governor visit to ‘The Link’ Post 16, Linwood Campus today. We were told about the three Enterprise businesses, Tasty Bites – catering, Excellenz – seasonal product making and retail and Create and Grow – gardening and horticulture, from which the students have the option to work in. We visited the Food Technology room where the students in Tasty Bites were preparing the lunches ordered by staff today and the Excellenz students were working out the number of sales and the amount of money taken per product type from a recent coffee morning and sales event. We were impressed by the quality of products the Post 16 students were making in their Enterprise business groups.

Chris Purdy (Chair of Governors) and Lorna Booth (Parent Governor) 01/12/22

I had a lovely visit to Linwood Campus today to visit the two Early Years classes and to speak with Katie Hinchliffe (Curriculum Lead). It was great to see how well settled all the pupils are and to witness the great teamwork of staff.

Jo King (Co-opted Governor & Early Years Link Governor) 30/11/22

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