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Pluto’s Paulton’s Park Adventure

24 Jun 2022

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, Pluto Class went to Paulton’s Park. Our favourite rides were Flight of the Pterosaur, Cat-o-pillar, Cobra and Boulder Dash. Some of us liked Storm Chaser and the Cyclonator too. Dominic was scared at first but after he went on the rides, he loved it so much. On the Cyclonator, Freya said, “I’m the queen of the world!” Callum had a blast on Flight of the Pterosaur, which he went on three times. Brooke was a bit scared on Cat-o-pillar but Jordy looked after her. Jordy said that Brooke was brave. We got our own keyring and photo book. We chose something in the shop and it was the best day ever. Chris hopes to visit Paulton’s Park again with his mum and dad so he can go around the track on the Go Karts. Pluto had a great time at Paulton’s Park. 
Pluto Class teacher, Lisa wrote: I am incredibly proud of the students in Pluto Class. They worked hard to raise the money for the visit and seemed to enjoy every minute. Although going on rides was new to most of the students, they overcame their fears and encouraged each other. They were excellent representatives of Linwood School and behaved impeccably, displaying all of our school values. They showed gratitude to staff and each other, all clapping and saying, “Thank you, Paulton’s Park,” as we left. I hope the students remember this day for years to come and it is one of the highlights of their time in Pluto Class.
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