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At Linwood we try to provide lessons that are accessible to all students, firstly to gain water confidence and access hydrotherapy sessions as appropriate and subsequently develop excellent swimming techniques within a structured programme.

Some students will require the benefits of Hydrotherapy sessions where they will be able to engage in activities and therapy programmes specifically personalised to meet the needs of each individual student. The hydrotherapy programmes are developed by our physiotherapists in conjunction with class teachers and delivered by members of class staff teams in our hydrotherapy pool.

Our Swimming Programme follows:

ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) – a nationally recognised swimming programme.

ASA Swim Charter – a programme to monitor and reward swimmers for their achievements.

This is underpinned by long term athlete development, which develops a wide range of skills in each individual swimmer. These skills are like pieces of a jigsaw and when put together result in a competent, confident and safe swimmer, who has the skill base for then developing technique, in a wide range of water-based sports. These skills are best learned in an environment involving fun and games.

Our Swimming Programme includes:

  • Ongoing assessment by our qualified teachers means students can develop at their own pace, allowing them to be able to move from group to group at any time.
  • With our link to a comprehensive ASA linked award scheme, the Swim Charter, we will soon be able to offer badges and certificates.
  • We try to offer a scheme which is great for all our students to learn a skill for life.

The key areas of skill are developed through the NPTS are:

  • Entry and exits
  • Buoyancy and balance rotation and orientation
  • Streamlining
  • Aquatic breathing
  • Travel and coordination
  • Water safety
  • Health and fitness

But what is the NPTS?

  • NPTS stands for National Plan for Teaching Swimming.
  • It is a single pathway for swimmers to learn how to be confident and competent in the water.
  • It is a ‘multi skill’ programme for swimmers to learn to swim and be proficient in water, for them to make a choice to continue to participate in any aquatic sports later on including Competitive Swimming, Diving, Synchronised Swimming, Water Polo, and Rookie Lifeguard.

What awards or stages are included in the NPTS?

  • The NPTS includes a Foundation Phase. In line with the NPTS, Linwood has adjusted the Foundation Phase to allow our students to develop at their own pace via 4 In-house awards to show the students are still able to progress with their swimming.
  • The core fundamental movements skills stages 1-7
  • The sports specific skills are discipline specific stages 8-10

How long will it take a swimmer to pass each stage?

  • This will vary with every individual swimmer.
  • If a swimmer has experience of pre-school or adult and child lessons then she or he may move faster initially through stages 1 and 2 as they will be familiar with the environment and possibly confident in the water.

Safety first!

By completing the NPTS, we can ensure that we equip all our swimmers with the ability to be safer in the water as well as the knowledge and understanding of their own limits. Armed with these skills they will be able to enjoy other aquatic activities of their choice.

Some of the things swimmers can continue with once they have learned to swim…

Competitive Swimming Canoeing / Kayaking
Synchronised Swimming Surfing
Water polo Wakeboarding
Diving Sailing
Rookie lifeguard Boating
Triathlon Water skiing
Personal survival Rowing
Fitness Snorkelling
Teaching and coaching swimming Sub-aqua (scuba diving)
Lifeguarding Windsurfing


Further information

For more information on the ASA NPTS and Parental Guidance please click on the links below:

ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming

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