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Welcome to Sun Class! This is a vibrant learning environment filled with 7 children. The teachers in our class are Claire Lockey on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and Beccy Ridge on a Tuesday.

In Sun class we learn through a careful balance of child led play and adult led activities providing ideas and learning opportunities that are modelled to children as well as motivating the child on their own learning journey. The adult is always ready to support with the child’s next steps.

We provide an environment where children are safe and secure to take risks and have a go. We are supportive and caring towards all the children’s individual needs. We provide provocations in the environment that are exciting and motivating to encourage joint attention, problem solving and learning new skills.

We provide endless opportunities to support all seven areas of learning throughout the day. Every child has an individual personalized learning plan tailored to them and their needs.

We really welcome parent contribution towards the children’s learning through Evidence for Learning, daily emails, parents evenings, Zoom/Teams meetings and phone calls.

If required the children have support from SALT and OT on site and this is then fed into their everyday activities. We have a total communication approach and the children are supported to be included and take part in everything we do enabling them to reach their full potential.



Sun Timetable 2021-2022


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Sun Newsletter - Summer 2022
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