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The Creative Arts are valued at Springwood Campus. It is believed that art, music, drama and dance have a unique role in a broad and balanced curriculum. In an ever changing world, the arts offer the possibility of fostering a greater sense of fulfilment and understanding. Participating in the arts has the power to enrich our students’ personal and public lives. The arts can make a distinctive contribution to our curriculum; they stimulate creativity and imagination and allow students to gain visual, tactile and sensory experiences. Experiencing the arts enables our students to respond to and understand their world in a unique way.

We have a staff team who are enthusiastic about the Creative Arts. We have the skills and commitment to provide all students, regardless of ability, with a wide range of experiences. The learning we offer our students allows individuals to make connections with emotion, intuition and spontaneous ways of working. These interactions go hand in hand with the acquisition and development of practical skills and the manipulation of materials, techniques and processes. With support, our students become able to realise work in visual, tactile and performance forms.

Using the creative arts at Springwood Campus can help the students learn how to better communicate their emotions. It also is a way for them to have control over their environment. Creating art gives them the chance to explore their wants, needs and feelings in a unique and creative way. Creative arts allows our students to truly express how they are feeling in a safe and imaginative way.

For pupils with autism it can be a way to develop social skills, to help with communication skills and allow students an outlet to communicate how they feel and be therapeutic in supporting any frustrations that students may feel.

To assist our learners at Springwood Campus in expressing themselves through the creative arts we provide art, music and performance lessons as a form of expressive therapy and engaging with the aspects of the arts in the National Curriculum.

As well as creative arts focussed lessons throughout the week in pupils class groups, pupils have access to dance therapy and music therapy sessions with specialist teachers in groups or individually. We have a dedicated music room with a wide ranging selection of musical instruments and equipment. Our school hall serves as a wonderful venue for the teaching of dance and performance too. Opportunities for links and visits creative arts projects in the local community do occur throughout the school year. Previous links and visits have included the Russell-Cotes Museum and work with Pavilion Dance.

For more information, contact Andy Maher (Art & Design Co-ordinator)

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