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Exploitation alert – Cunch-Lines Chronicles app

22 Jan 2021

The school has been made aware by the National Police Chiefs’ Council of the dangers posed by an app called Cunch-Line Chronicles.

Cunch-Line Chronicles is a simple 2-dimensional game which promises users a realistic depiction of ‘London gang life’. The game draws on themes such as UK gang culture, drug running, police chases, and trap houses (places were drugs are stored). Users essentially run through areas, jump over obstacles, deliver and collect drugs and escape police.

‘Cunch’ is a slang word for County, so the game is said to be based on the ‘County Lines’ phenomenon. The game was released in 2020 and has become popular with many young people throughout the UK.

There are concerns that the app appears to have an in-chat facility which would enable grooming/recruitment.

The National Crime Agency are currently investigating this app to see whether any action can be done about it.

What is County Lines?

County Lines is where illegal drugs are transported from one area to another, often across police and local authority boundaries (although not exclusively), usually by children or vulnerable people who are coerced into it by gangs. The ‘County Line’ is the mobile phone line used to take the orders of drugs. Importing areas (areas where the drugs are taken to) are reporting increased levels of violence and weapons-related crimes as a result of this trend. For more information and if you have concerns, visit: https://www.nationalcrimeagency.gov.uk/what-we-do/crime-threats/drug-trafficking/county-lines



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