Elder class ‘absolutely’ loving music at Absolute Music

At the beginning of the academic year, Elder class paid a visit to Absolute Music and ‘absolutely’ loved it!

We arranged a meeting with the manager, Jamie, and took him a wish list from the students. We arranged weekly sessions for the students to use the studio space, have Jamie as their mentor, learn how to play the variety of instruments and tech they have and create music as a group.

They very kindly offered all this for free until Christmas and we have now secured funding to enable the students to continue these sessions, including Summerwood, Linwood and CHI students.

Here are just a few comments from the students attending the sessions:

“It has improved my confidence and reduced my anxiety. I am getting a keyboard for Christmas!”

“I have learnt that I’m good at bass and it’s helped my confidence.”

“I’m a lot more confident with guitar and being able to read tablature.”

You can listen to their track below:

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