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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is used to support students to have full access to their education and to assist in overcoming challenges that may prevent that from occurring.

Occupational therapists visit Linwood on a regular basis. They share the sensory processing challenges that many of our pupils have and advise on how we can best support them. They also advise on postural management, wheelchairs and physical aids for the classroom or bathroom.

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The aim of physiotherapy is to encourage each child to reach their maximum physical potential.

We have a physiotherapist who provides therapy programmes for individuals. The programmes are carried out by the therapist who works closely with key staff within the class. They are done on a daily basis and sometimes integrated into general class activities. Occasionally they are more specific and will need to be done out of class to provide privacy for the pupil.

The idea of ‘little and often’ is usually the best way to make a difference, whether that is to maintain a movement, to gain a new movement/posture or to develop a new movement. The more we do it, the better the quality of life for the pupil.

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Speech & Language Therapy

Please visit the Speech & Language Therapy page for more information.

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