Well Done to the Year 11s from 2019

Last year, Linwood School piloted the OCR Entry Level Certificate in Physical Education to provide students with a qualification that is relevant to them and meets their needs. The course encourages students to become responsible for their own learning, engaged and confident in discussing ideas. The course focuses on the students’ practical work and performance.

The aim of the course is to enable students to build on early experiences from KS1 to KS3, in order to further develop and apply their knowledge, skill and understanding of Physical Education through participating in a range of practical onsite and off-site activities. Students were required to participate in four activities where they were assessed as part of a team or as an individual and if students choose to do so, as a leader in one of their activities.

Students were required to perform effectively during activities, using tactics or compositional techniques as necessary and to observe the rules and conventions of the activities. In addition, students were required to analyse a performance of themselves during an activity and identify their strengths and areas of improvement and to suggest simple ways of improving the quality and effectiveness of their performance. Through their involvement in their chosen activities, students were encouraged to develop awareness of their strengths, limitations and opportunities presented in challenging situations. Students were encouraged to work with others, develop positive attitudes and decide on the roles that best suit them within physical activities.

Well Done to last year’s Yr 11 Cohort who all able to achieve their OCR Entry Level Certificate.

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