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Support for Ukraine

1 Mar 2022

Dear Linwood School community,

Many people have enquired about the best way to show their help and support for the people of Ukraine.

If you would like to make a donation of items that will help the people of Ukraine you can donate the items in the list below. These can be taken to the Polish food shop Food Plus in Boscombe – 553 Christchurch Road, BH1 4AH by midday on Wednesday 2nd March. Please prepare parcels in one box. Just separate food from other things, so they won’t mix up, but keep everything in one box. More details can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/food-plus-boscombe/help-from-bournemouth-to-ukraine/985658765662452/

If you would prefer to give money to a charity:

Voices of Children aims to help children affected by the war in eastern Ukraine, providing support through art therapy, psychologists, video storytelling and a number of other methods.

The British Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal to help Ukraine. The charity will be updating its webpage with news on the work its team is doing, and how support will be used to help people.

We are putting together some information to support conversations about the war with children and young people. We will send these out ASAP.

Thank you.

Gemma Talbot (She/her)
Executive Headteacher

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