Parents’ Comments

Parents’ Comments

Below are comments from parents regarding their child’s annual report for 2017:


“We are so proud of our daughter, her report is amazing! … to see how she is really engaging in all subjects is great. We have noticed this year her confidence in social and academic aspects have increased.”

J.K. 27/6/17


“We are really happy with our son’s report and we are very proud of the progress he has made since he started last September. He has achieved so much since he has been with you. We are very grateful for the help and support you have all given him and we can see a difference in him at home and school. Since he’s started at Linwood he is happier about going to school every day. It has made a huge difference to him. Just would like to say thank you to you all at Linwood.”

R.S. 29/6/17


“We are very pleased with our son’s progress and school report. He has engaged well with everyone and their support. Our son enjoys all aspects of school life at Linwood, from getting on the bus in the morning, right through to coming home. We would like to thank all the staff for making Linwood such a happy environment.”

H.L. 3/7/17


“All the reports since our son has been at Linwood have been positive. This report far exceeds the previous ones. Our son continues to progress and develop.”

E.H.  6/7/17


“I’m absolutely delighted to read such a good report for my daughter. Her speech, reading and maths have all been improving fantastically throughout the year and I’m so very grateful for all your hard work… She’s coming on leaps and bounds and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

B.D. 25/6/17


“We are very happy with our daughter’s progress made during this year… Thanks to the school for all the support you have given us this year and before.”

S.D. 29/6/17


“Wonderful to know our daughter has settled so happily at Linwood School.”

I.E. 29/6/17


“We are very proud of our son. So many positive comments highlight his hard work, achievements and progress in various subjects.”

B.G. 30/6/17


“I am thrilled with how well my daughter has settled into her class and the progress she has made.”

K.H. 29/6/17


“We are so pleased with our son’s progress. His confidence has grown tremendously and he is much more relaxed in new situations. He is now willing to try new activities with a positive attitude.”

B.H. 30/6/17


“We have had great pleasure in reading our son’s report for his year in Post 16. He has attended school regularly and happily this year and it is very encouraging to hear that he has settled into routine well and on the whole is joining in well and enjoying many of his subjects.”

L.J. 30/6/17


“Our son has made some wonderful progress this year; confidence-wise he has blossomed and his money skills are improving day by day… As parents, it is wonderful to see him so happy at school.”

D.J. June 2017


“Our daughter’s progress since she joined in year 6 has been incredible. During the past year her confidence has increased… Thank you for giving her the skills to continue to progress and ultimately be happy.”

V.L. 30/6/17


“We feel that our son’s confidence has grown a lot and every day he surprises us with what he says, does and achieves.”

S.M. 27/6/17


“We are very pleased with the progress our son has made this year. He has responded well to strong boundaries and encouragement to push himself further in his subjects. We have seen a change in our son at home too. He is happy and settled and seems a little more confident.”

B.L. 29/6/17


“Our son has definitely become braver on a lot of aspects, e.g. swimming and food.”

M.M. 26/6/17


“What a lovely report to read! Our son has obviously been kept very busy and by the sounds of it enjoyed it all. He has had a very happy and stimulating year.”

O.M. 28/6/17


“I am amazed and thrilled that my daughter has managed to settle and thrive in, what is for her, a very challenging setting. Post 16 has been everything I hoped and more.”

E.M. 29/6/17


“We are very pleased with our son’s report. He seems to have settled into Post 16 well and we know he enjoys going to school. Thank you for all the support given to him.”

I.P. 28/6/17


“I am very proud of how my son has settled into full time education. He loves coming to school and swimming and going on community outings. He is doing brilliant with PECS at home and school… He is exploring a lot more sounds and seems so much more confident with visuals and timetables.”

C.R. 30/6/17


“I am very pleased with the progress my daughter has made over the year. She seems to enjoy her time at school and spending time with staff and pupils.”

H.R. 10/7/17


“We are so proud of our son. His report is lovely to read, especially as he has gained so much confidence.”

C.T. 26/6/17


“Just goes to show the need for schools like Linwood.”

J.B. 27/6/17

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