Creative Arts

Creative Arts

As part of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum at Linwood Campus, all students have Creative Arts within their weekly timetable.

The Creative Arts are valued at Linwood. It is believed that art, music, drama and dance have a unique role in a broad and balanced curriculum. In an ever changing world the arts offer the possibility of fostering a greater sense of fulfilment and understanding. Participating in the arts has the power to enrich our students’ personal and public lives. The arts can make a distinctive contribution to our curriculum; they stimulate creativity and imagination and allow students to gain visual, tactile and sensory experiences. Experiencing the arts enables our students to respond to and understand their world in a unique way.

We have a staff team who are enthusiastic about the creative arts. We have the skills and commitment to provide all students, regardless of ability, with a wide range of experiences. Students make a personal choice of which activity they wish to pursue for the academic year and these choices include; Dance, Drama, Music & Art. Each session is lead by a specialist in their field and give the students an opportunity to work together as a team to build on their individual strengths.

The students work towards an end of year production where they combine all of the creative arts they have been studying for the year to showcase their work and skills. Many of the subjects combine technology within the programme of study to help students understand the processes and future of their chosen area. We invite parents & carers along to celebrate the students successes in these performances.

Opportunities for links and visits creative arts projects in the local community do occur throughout the school year. Previous links and visits have included the Russell-Cotes Museum and work with Pavilion Dance.

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