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The Link Plus – Post 19 Provision

Unfortunately, due to a lack of space, Post 19 will not be accepting any more students for the Year 2023-2024.

Linwood Post 19 Link Plus Provision is aimed at supporting students with additional learning needs transition into adulthood. Students are supported to make sense of the world, socially and through language and/or other methods of communication in every activity. We use and share a ‘Total Communication’ approach to support understanding. The young people spend time split between the student flat and within the local community. The curriculum offers accredited programmes at Pre–Entry Level and Entry Level. All students will participate in highly individualised programmes that lead to greater independence in their everyday lives.

Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum provides daily opportunities for learners to access local community facilities to promote healthy and active lifestyles. We aim to introduce safe and independent travel training, to prepare them for the next stage of their learning or transition to adult life.


Health and Well-being

Students learn in a sensory–rich environment, with resources and activities developed matched to individual needs. Staff work closely with specialist professionals and parents/carers as required, in order to ensure that each student’s needs are fully supported. There are weekly sensory enhancement sessions to promote acquisition of self-regulation strategies.



We offer students opportunities to experience and gain skills in a range of vocational areas including horticulture, animal care, catering and social enterprise. We also support students, where appropriate, in volunteer work roles.


Independence and Community Living Skills

Preparation for adulthood is the key feature of our independence programme. All students have opportunities to participate in activities related to their special abilities and interests, including shopping, money and budget skills; preparing meals and snacks; laundry skills using a launderette; personal hygiene and healthy living skills.


Functional Skills

Literacy, numeracy and ICT are embedded in everyday activities. Students are supported to plan and evaluate their own learning, using personalised workbooks (with visual prompts as necessary) to monitor and record their work and progress.



Students are supported to make sense of the world, both socially and through language and/or other methods of communication in every activity.

Key Skills Focus:

Independence and Community Living Skills

  • Personal Hygiene.
  • Dressing and Clothing Care.
  • Health Care.
  • Cooking, Eating, Nutrition.
  • Home Management and Home Safety.
  • Financial Management.
  • Personal Growth, Awareness, and Problem Solving.
  • Community Access.
  • Travel training
  • Accessing local community groups
  • Shopping
  • Using public transport
  • Attending public events.


Communication & Listening

  • Communicating their own needs
  • Understanding simple requests
  • Use & understanding of body language
  • Developing Personal Confidence in social situations
  • Understanding basic tolerance and diversity
  • Respect (themselves and others)
  • Communicating safely including social media etc
  • Booking medical and other appointments


Functional Skills: English

  • Reading signs in the community
  • Reading Basic timetables to identify events
  • Basic form filling (writing name, address and Phone numbers)
  • Making a mark to identify themselves on key paperwork
  • Identifying information of interest by key words


Functional Skills: Maths

  • To handle money to buy basic items
  • To make simple calculations using time and money
  • To recognise the cost of things and the basic concept of a budget
  • To be able to read basic timetables
  • To be able to tell the time
  • To understand quantities in terms of shopping and ingredients
  • Be able to use basic measures (length, weight etc)
  • Manage their own bank account

Sample Timetable

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