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Nurture Curriculum

Flamingos is our nurture class; there are 6 students in the class who all require a high level of adult support in order to regulate and engage meaningfully in activities. Our students in this class need an approach which incorporates a careful balance of structure and routine with a more flexible, informal approach. Positive, trusting and respectful relationships are key in this class and the development of these will be key to each day in Flamingos.

Students will engage in personalised projects based around their special interests to build confidence, self-esteem and encourage interest, motivation and engagement. Learning in all domains will be carefully woven in to learning in this way at a personalised level and to meet the outcomes ​outlined in ​individual students’ EHCPs. Each student will have the opportunity to access their curriculum at the stage appropriate to them as and when they are able to. The curriculum, Vita or Lumos, is available to them either in the Flamingos base or through inclusion opportunities when each student is regulated. We want to ensure that inclusion opportunities are successful as they will be instrumental in developing confidence and self-esteem if accessed appropriately. Students and adults will work together when deciding appropriateness of inclusion times. Each student is linked to a class with their chronological peers.

We will use Zones of Regulation to support ​Flamingos students to learn to identify their emotional states and employ a range of strategies to self- regulate. This is a long term teaching focus for the class, starting with pupils accepting co-regulation with an adult and moving towards knowing which strategy to use to begin to regulate themselves. Clear boundaries are essential for our students to feel safe and to ensure no student is negatively impacted by the behaviour of others. Students will be supported to understand their responsibility in this and will be reminded that they will start afresh each day and that trusting relationships will remain key even when things are challenging. Adults will support students to engage positively; reinforcing and modelling positive behaviours. Trust is a key component in this approach.

Our planned Nurture Curriculum is based on the Recovery Curriculum which was written to support our young people on their return to school following the pandemic. This curriculum is designed to address the impact of trauma through 5 levers:

  • Relationships
  • Community
  • Transparent Curriculum
  • Metacognition
  • Space

Please see the following pdf for more detailed information about this programme:

Nurture Curriculum

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