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Lumos Curriculum

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 – 9) & Key Stage 4 (Years 10 – 11)

A curriculum to meet the diverse learning needs of our children and young people, to ensure that each individual has access to a relevant and meaningful curriculum pathway that effectively prepares them for a fulfilling and purposeful adult life.

This overview shows the Golden Threads which underpin provision and curriculum offer across all pathways and how Lumos fits within these.

The Lumos curriculum, as with all other Linwood Curriculum pathways, is built around the student; the starting point being their four areas of need as described in their Education and Health Care Plan. All students have a personalised learning plan; outcomes which are embedded into their provision and curriculum offer. The Lumos curriculum is designed to develop crucial skills that will enable our young people to be independent, purposeful, life-long learners. Through our key guiding principles, this broad and purposeful curriculum offer, a personalised approach and effective provision through inclusive quality first teaching, students are supported to make progress in all areas of learning within our 9 curriculum domains. These domains work together to support students with a holistic curriculum built around strengths, needs and ensures a broad, balanced curriculum offer which equips our students with the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.


Curriculum Aims

Our aims of the Lumos Curriculum Pathway are to prepare our young people as they move towards adulthood by:

  • supporting students to make the best possible progress in all aspects of their learning and development
  • enabling students to experience personal fulfilment through building on their strengths and celebrating success
  • supporting students to develop their confidence and self-esteem, motivation, a curious approach and a love of learning
  • supporting students to develop key skills for their future and to be lifelong learners
  • enabling students to develop increased awareness, engagement and understanding of the world around them, to empower them to develop as independent, responsible, respectful and positive active contributors to society who have a place in their community
  • support the development of each individual’s character so everyone in our school community can understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, citizenship, and responsibility for themselves and others


The Lumos Curriculum

The Lumos Curriculum supports students at KS3 and KS4 and offers a broad, balanced, age-appropriate curriculum reflecting students’ learning entitlement whilst recognising individual needs and stages of development. We recognise the achievements of all pupils and a range of accreditation routes are available at KS4 which reflects students’ achievements at an appropriate level to that at which they have reached.

For all of our students, we believe that learning is most effective when it takes place in context, is active and social and where learners are encouraged to be reflective, enabling them to grow in confidence as learners, to be as independent as possible in their adult lives.

The curriculum at Lumos links learning to careers through reflection of students’ skills and abilities and the transfer of these into the workplace. Students all have the opportunities to have meaningful encounters with employers, both through visits and speakers. Where appropriate, students will have supported work experience and there are also opportunities for enterprise activities. There is an emphasis on developing key employability skills and skills for their future.


Lumos Curriculum at KS3

The curriculum at KS3, builds on prior learning from the Vita curriculum. As in the Vita phase, there is a strong commitment to developing core literacy, language and numeracy skills, as well as encouraging pupils to develop communication skills, self- control and independence as preparation for life-long learning.

Long term planning in the 9 domains of the Lumos Curriculum KS3 is structured around topics on a 3 year rolling programme and builds from the topics studied within the Vita phase.

  • Year 1:Asia- Continent of Contrasts; Invaders and Settlers; Climate Change – Our Fragile Earth
  • Year 2: Africa; Ancient Civilizations; Dorset Past and Present
  • Year 3: Europe; World War 1 and II; The Amazing Americas


Lumos Curriculum at KS4

In Key Stage 4, pupils follow a varied programme with an increasing emphasis on independent living skills in preparation for our pupils taking their place in society, once they move on from Linwood.

The development of communication, literacy and numeracy skills continue to be a priority, as well as a focus on independence in using these skills in real life situations. Learning at Key Stage 4 also includes experiences of work and travel training.

Long term planning in the 9 domains of the Lumos Curriculum KS4 is structured around topics on a 2 year rolling programme and builds from the topics studied within the KS3 Lumos phase.  KS4 students are able to gain qualifications and accreditations across the curriculum in areas where they have mastered skills, preparing them for future education and employment. This curriculum prepares them for life beyond Linwood through the careers programme implemented. Much of our learning is linked and accredited through the Asdan Personal Development Programmes where our students can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

All learners work towards a range of external accreditations and/or qualifications suited to reflect their level of achievement to celebrate their success and to help them access the next step of their education and training, as appropriate. The range of accreditation at KS4 currently includes:


Exam Board Subject Level
Pearson Functional Skills English Entry Level 1-3

Level 1 where appropriate

Pearson Functional Skills Maths Entry Level 1-3

Level 1 where appropriate

Pearson Functional Skills ICT Entry Level 1-3

Level 1 where appropriate

AQA Combined Science


Entry Levels 1-3
BTEC Home Cooking Skills


Level 1- 2


PE Entry Level 1-3
ASDAN Personal Development Programmes Bronze, Silver and Gold


AQA Unit Awards – for KS4 Entitlement Options (Humanities, MFL and DT)  and

KS4 Creative  Arts Options

Entry Levels 1-3


Our learning

There are 6 classes, 4 KS3 classes and 2 KS4 classes, which follow the Lumos Curriculum. Each class is led by a teacher and 3-4 teaching assistants, who support pupils in progressing along their personalised learning journeys. There are about 12 students in each class. Classes are named after significant individuals who have inspired us through overcoming their disability, Hawkin, Kahlo, Grandin, Thunberg, Bader and Bocelli.

All our students have a range of needs and all require a provision that is right for them. Support for learning is provided in a number of ways and a day in the life of a Lumos classroom includes:

  • Planned lessons:  a range of approaches and teaching styles to suit all learners lessons are adapted and personalised; students are supported individually, in small groups and as a class. Tailored interventions are implemented as appropriate depending on need.
  • Learning beyond the classroom: students access the community, generalising learning in real life contexts
  • Work related learning: students access enterprise, life skills teaching, travel training, encounters with employers, work experience and placements at KS4, targeted assessment of employability skills and skills for their future.
  • Therapies: as appropriate, students access speech and language therapy and provision, occupational therapy and physiotherapy. Most therapy is supported through the class team with support of our therapy team.
  • Total communication: use of dual coding, visuals, Augmentative and Alternative Communication are used to support students needs
  • Personalised learning: all students outcomes from their EHCPs inform our personalised learning plans
  • Positive approaches to behaviour: Personalised Regulation and Engagement Plans support students who struggle to self-regulate. Zones of regulation is used widely. Sensory diet plans and provision support students to be regulated and ready for their learning
  • Student-initiated learning opportunities: choices and options are available for students, students have personalised work placement choices, there are a range of break and leisure opportunities offered, voluntary opportunities are encouraged
  • Enabling environments: a positive physical and emotional environment supports the students to feel safe, happy and achieve
  • Structures and routines: Visual timetables and supports, clear timetabling and daily routines


Celebrating achievement

Focusing on the success of our learners is a very important part of life in the Lumos Phase as we prepare our young people for becoming positive citizens in society.

We believe that a strong focus on success is the basis for a positive learning environment and supports pupils in developing:

  • personal fulfilment
  • pride and esteem
  • self-confidence
  • respect for the achievements of others

We recognise the success of our pupils by regular positive feedback, through awarding certificates through our values award system and by sharing young people’s successes during Friday Phase Assemblies.  We also have a values reward shop where students can exchange values awards for tangible prizes.


Working together to achieve

Working in partnership with others is key in achieving the best possible outcomes for all of our young people.

We recognise the value of:

  • close partnerships with parents and carers in achieving our aims
  • input from other professionals to help meet pupil needs as appropriate
  • pupils working collaboratively with pupils from other classes across the school
  • coming together as a phase for spiritual, moral, cultural and social learning and working together on specific events
  • students having the chance to have a ‘voice’ through the School Council
  • working with the local community so pupils can relate what they are learning in school to the real world
  • input from our Independent Advice and Guidance Team (IAG), who provides our young people from Year 9 upwards with access to information, advice and guidance for Post 16 options and beyond


Transition and next steps

‘As a result of the school’s work to prepare students for their next steps, they successfully move on to further education, employment or further training when they leave the school.’  – Ofsted, January 2018

On reaching the end of Year 11 there are a number of options available to the young people at Linwood School. Students are offered structured support from year 9 onwards by our Independent Advice and Guidance (IAG) team. The team will discuss likes and dislikes with the student as well as what aspirations the students have for when they finish Key Stage 4.

The IAG team work closely with students, teachers, parents and carers to make sure that the young people at Linwood feel supported in regards to their future options, once they have finished school. Students are supported to make an informed decision about their next destination after Key Stage 4 and they receive advice on education and non-educational options for post 16 education and future careers.  These options also include other social provisions that students might be able to engage with once they have completed their education.

The IAG team run a ‘Future Pathways’ evening which is held annually, primarily aimed at pupils and parents in Year 9 and above. This evening presents an opportunity to explore a range of different options by meeting with representatives from a broad range of provisions.

Destinations of pupils will depend on the needs of individual pupils. These include Post 16 at the school, the schools’ CHI programme and a number of local colleges and other types of provision that may meet the individual needs of pupils more appropriately.

Further information is available on reading the Lumos Curriculum Handbook (link above).

For more information, contact Fiona Eatwell (Lumos Learning Leader)

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