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At Linwood School we aim to provide our students the opportunity to achieve their best using a variety of the latest technology such as:

  • Interactive displays – create an engaging and interactive learning experience in the classroom.
  • Touch sensitive monitors – offer an alternative solution for pupils who find a standard keyboard and mouse difficult to use.
  • Assistive switches – enable pupils with motor skill difficulties to interact with specialist software and equipment. 
  • Laptops & iPads – to help stimulate and further educate our pupils in various ways. We use a broad range of apps to support the curriculum as well as sensory apps for our learners with complex needs.
  • Eye gaze technology – provides quicker and easier access to technology and is a lot less restrictive. Eye gaze has proven particularly successful for our pupils with impaired motor skills, using it with sensory/ cause & effect software as well grid-based symbol communication systems.
  • Interactive floor and wall projectors – create dynamic images on the floor and wall and respond to gesture and movement. They encourage active participation as well as stimulating language and physical/mental development.
  • Multi-touch mobile interactive touchscreens – height and tilt adjustable and extremely beneficial for pupils working in their wheelchairs or in a reclined position.
  • Photography/Video Recording – We also have a range of compact digital cameras and video recording equipment that pupils have enjoyed using for their dance and drama performances.

Our ICT is managed by Mark Dutson (ICT Leader) and Allan Searle (ICT Network Manager).

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