Early Years Classes

Early Years Classes

Welcome to Wrens! We are the Nursery and Reception class at Linwood School.

We have a lovely bright classroom with an outdoor area full of fun learning opportunities for you.

Wrens follow the Early Years Curriculum which allows learning through play. We spend our mornings choosing what resources and activities we want to play and engage with and gradually over the year we provide more structured and adult directed activities in the afternoon.

Like the rest of the school, we follow a Total Communication approach promoting all forms of communication to be learnt and developed; such as, signing, PECS, vocalisations, gestures and pictures. We work closely with the speech and language therapist to implement individual plans in the classroom.

We know that parents are our best source of information about your children and we are very keen to work with you to support your child’s learning. When your child first starts Linwood School we ask that all parents/carers stay for at least 1 week whilst we get to know your child and learn all about their likes/dislikes, ways of communicating and caring for your child. It also allows us to get to know you and your families and for you to know all of us in Wrens!

We aim to continue this close relationship throughout the school year, encouraging regular communication through home/school books, Tapestry online learning journal, phone calls and emails. We are also welcoming to parents that would like to come in to visit us, or observe particular sessions. We organise regular ‘stay and play’ sessions for parents/carers and families where you get to see your child in their learning environment and meet with the other parents too (there is usually coffee and cake too!).

Charlene Wright (Wrens’ Class Teacher)
email: charlenewright@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk

Welcome to Starlings! We continue to follow the Early Years curriculum in our class as it is still appropriate for all our children.  This child-led play approach mixed with adult-directed activities support the children to learn in a way that suits all of their needs.

The day is slightly more structured than our nursery/reception class so you would notice the difference in the sorts of activities/sessions the children are expected to take part in.  The children usually follow a book/theme that sets up all of the lessons for several weeks.  Throughout each day the children enjoy a variety of tasks that link to all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum.  As well as this many of the children work on their individual personalised learning plans which include targets which are working towards their EHCP outcomes.

We have lots of fun in Starlings and every day is very different!  We are lucky enough to go on lots of community trips visiting local parks, shops, and landmarks which tie in with our topic we are covering.  We enjoy swimming, dance and music sessions and we will always join in with whole school events such as Art and Science Week.

We warmly welcome parents/carers in at our Stay and Play sessions each term and the children are always excited to show them their work and their favourite activities in the classroom.  As well as this we do like to build a relationship with parents/carers where we are all working together so the class teacher will meet with the parents termly or more frequently if desired.

Lara Acott (Starlings’ Class Teacher – Mon–Wed)
email: laraacott@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk

Sarah Berger (Starlings’ Class Teacher – Thu–Fri)
email: sarahberger@linwood.bournemouth.sch.uk

For more information, please look at our Early Years KS1 Welcome Booklet

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