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Drama in the semi-formal curriculum is in the domain expressive arts. Drama is cross-curricular and linked to all domains of learning. We re-enact stories that we are learning in literacy, we roleplay different situations e.g. being kind and being helpful to demonstrate being a good friend, and we re-enact historical events e.g. Guy Fawkes. Pupils are given opportunities to act and show off their drama skills in weekly assemblies. We also put on Christmas productions based upon the nativity story.

In the Alma Phase, pupils learn drama through sensory responses as they gain visual, tactile and sensory experiences. They are encouraged to explore their surroundings and to respond and communicate their feelings and respond different stimuli such as stories and songs.

Key Stage 3 and 4 creative arts focus on developing their skills and finding ways of expressing themselves. The students work towards an end of year production where they combine all of the creative arts they have been studying for the year to showcase their work and skills. The shows are always a fantastic demonstration of the skills that they have developed.

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