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Design Technology (DT)

DT in the semi-formal curriculum is in the domain expressive arts and is cross curricular and linked to all domains of learning. We explore materials and their properties and create various pieces including 3D images and junk modelling.

We develop early cookery skills such as food preparation and hygiene and taste a wide variety of foods from different cultures. We also encourage cooking for a real-life purpose.

In the Alma Phase, pupils learn DT through exploratory learning and responding to different materials and foods. This may be promoted via sensory play sessions.

Key Stage 3 and 4 focus on developing their skills during food technology sessions and becoming increasingly independent. There are several links to careers and enterprise and opportunities to see this in the wider community.

In DT children have opportunity to work with a range of materials and processes including stitching, gluing, hole punching and papier mache. Work is celebrated via displays and exhibitions.

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