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Art and Design at Linwood Campus provides a vital platform for students, from the exploration of materials, concepts and processes, to fulfilling artistic ambition; realising creative potential and drawing upon inspiration from the ever-evolving world of creativity. Art and Design can be recognised as being as far-reaching as supporting career opportunities for students who wish to pursue this subject area at Further Education level and beyond.

Recent successes in terms of Art and Design include two large-scale exhibitions held at Summerwood Campus and Bournemouth Library, showcasing the talents of our students across several of our school campuses. Several sculptural installations remain on permanent display within the library setting.

We are extremely fortunate to have a vast array of talented and highly creative staff based at Linwood, who support and encourage students along the path of their creative journeys. Many students are seen to derive an enormous sense of fulfilment, as well as a refined skill-set through their engagement with Art and Design, as well as the experience of frequent interactions with practitioners from within the arts industry sector. This allows for students and staff alike to understand what Art and Design can afford them to a much further extent, through such first-hand opportunities.

Art and Design is firmly embedded across Curriculum areas, and underpins the delivery of many associated subject areas. Teaching staff are experienced in utilising creative and highly visual, tactile and sensory manners of approaches to meet a wide range of student learning needs across Key Stages and Curriculums.

Art and Design is encountered by students at Linwood Campus across the following domains:

  • The Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Alma Curriculum
  • Semi-Formal Curriculum/ ‘Moving On’/Equals Curriculum
  • National Curriculum/ ‘I can’ steps linked to progress and attainment
  • Creative Arts groups within Key Stage Four
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