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The Creative Arts are highly valued at Linwood. It is believed that creative subject areas and learning approaches uphold a fundamental role within a broad and balanced curriculum. In an ever-changing world, the Creative Arts offer the possibility of fostering a greater sense of fulfilment and understanding. The Arts have the power to enrich our students’ personal and public lives, as well as affording a distinctive contribution to our Curriculum offer. Imagination, inspiration, engagement, refined creative skills and artistic potential are fostered and allow students to sustain deep-rooted visual, tactile and sensory experiences.

Experiencing the Creative Arts enables our students to respond to and understand their world in their own unique way.

We possess a strong staff cohort, who are passionate in the delivery of the Creative Arts. We bear the skills and commitment to provide all students, regardless of ability, with a wide range of transformational experiences.

The Creative Arts are cross-curricular, and enrich the wealth of our full Curriculum offer across phases and Key Stages. Examples of creative opportunities experienced by our students include working towards large-scale performances and productions, the forging of community links through gallery and exhibition visits, experiencing live music and working in partnership with organisations through the local Cultural Hub, of whom we are affiliated with. This platform provides our school to engage directly with an ever-increasing range of creative and cultural bodies; from exhibiting artwork, to attending sculpture workshops and composing musical accompaniments, the potential and opportunities our students have is endless.

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