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Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

15 Feb 2022

Last week, Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 was celebrated across all of Linwood School’s Campuses. During the week our students and staff were able to take part in a number of different activities with the theme of ‘Growing Together’. Here are a few snippets of our young people demonstrating what ‘Growing Together’ means to them.

Badgers Walk 2
Badgers Walk 3

Badgers went out in the fresh air and enjoyed a walk around Winton Rec with their peers.

Seagulls showing off their great work in the Hot Air Balloon activity where they had to describe who/what lifts them up to support their mental health and wellbeing.

The interpretation of the theme ‘Growing Together’ meant that students were able to demonstrate concepts that at first they weren’t able to do but now they can.

reward chart

In this photo, a student is using his reward chart independently, which supports his mental health in keeping him regulated.

relaxation session

Students had opportunities to guide their peers in relaxation sessions.

This photo shows a student’s way of coping with a situation that was causing him distress. He was starting to dislike using the MUGA. He had a verbal conversation with his class teacher, resulting in a comic strip conversation, where he told the teacher he would like a table and chair out by the MUGA. He did really well to recognise, suggest and implement this which helped with self-regulation.

The week finished off with a MUFTI day, a charity fund raising event on the Friday with the theme of ‘Dress to Express’ Here is a picture of Mr Stow, PE Coordinator and a student in Year 11, expressing themselves through dress up.

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